Precious Metal Machining
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Carlo Ricci was born in 1933 and after a intense training period at some Valenza jewellery companies, in 1956 decided to start its own one. From the initial production of handmade pins and rings, thanks to the collaboration of Carlo Veglio, the company evolves towards the production of jewellery watches made with lathes and milling machines. In the same years, they introduced some ad hoc tools for the production of griffe and vertical claw setting, allowing them to produce high precision design bracelets and necklaces. Such working machinery process represented a new milestone in the precious metal working field, giving the firm the opportunity to grow and sthrengthen a widespread aknowledgement of machining applied to craftsmenship. In 1974 the production of a new tube without the traditional copper core begun, together with the first experimentations on the possibility to make a gold alley more elastic. This brought to the first flexible bracelets without closing, easily wereable exploiting the flexibility of metal deriving from a particular thermal treatment. In the same period, the custom shaped necklace production begins, based on the same principle of flexiility. In 2001, just before the moving to the new headquarters of via Mario Nebbia, the founder died. From now on, the family took over the whole activity: his wife Maria Grazia is in charge of accounting and general management, the daughter Paola is responsible of quality control and of the relationship with clients; the son Marco, architect, exploits his creativity in the study and design of new products, while his brother Alberto, mechanical engineer, carries on the tradition of the technology applied to the jewellery sector, trying to improve product and further enhance the production. In the very last years, the company aquired new machineries with the aim of improving its working processes, besides improving the quality and the safety of the workplace. The firm currently employs 14 people among mechanics, jewellers and accounting personnels.